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Is Rolex Worth It? - The Truth

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#1 ivan_989


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Publikováno 10.srpen.2018 - 09:09

#2 tikzot



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Publikováno 10.srpen.2018 - 10:28

Yes every single word agree!

#3 Jarett


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"Čas nevyžaduje, aby byl zřen, ale aby byl žit."









#4 elson



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Publikováno 10.srpen.2018 - 15:55

I have to agree with you is exactly like you said!

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#5 auster


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Publikováno 14.prosinec.2018 - 23:24

Count me in. My Rolex is worth every single crown I've paid for it. The most things produced nowadays are FMCG, so they have no emocional value for me. A Rolex watch has. It makes me smile every time I look at this damn thing. Many times a day. I cannot fully explain it, but it works. Because this is the one and only thing in my possiesion, which works like that. Something money cannot buy, or it can, of course  But my there years old Rolex, filled witch scratech, filled with stories,  with box end papers lost a long time ago, is the best thing I've ever bought {altrough I wasn't able to understand how "ordinary guy with a family" can spent thant much for a watch, for a very long time.). I've never felt bad after the purchase althouh I was a bit afraid I will. But my Rolex brougt only good things to my life. Maybe my connection with the extremely reputable brand, which I personally respect for all the awesome things they brought to horology, brings me some felling of stability into my life? Dunno.

"He could not just wear a watch. It had to be a Rolex."