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Publikováno Dnes, 08:16

Tady je k tomu pěknej přehled (https://www.ablogtow...lysis/?letter=I )
To show you just that, we created the following chart illustrating how the affordability of the Rolex Submariner no-date, one of the key models of Rolex, has changed in the United States, between 1957 and 2012.
Let me explain what you just saw above. The results you see labeled above every column range from around 6.7 up to 14. This figure indicates the amount of Submariners which the “average yearly income per capita” could purchase in any given year. Since we are talking about a time scale of over 50 years here, for easier understanding and actual comparability, we have transferred all US Dollar prices and wages into 2012 US Dollars. In other words, in 1957 when the average yearly income was $13,591 (Source: US Bureau of Economic Analysis) and the price of the watch was $1,225 (originally it cost $150 which, when calculated into 2012 US Dollars, is $1,225).
Now, in 1957 if the average watch lover spent all his/her hard-earned yearly income on Rolex Submariners, he could have bought 11 of them. By contrast, in 2012 when the average per capita income in the United States was $42,693 and the same model cost $7,500, the average US yearly wage bought you only 5.65 no-date Submariners.
We admit that this might sound like an unreal proposition – because it is, as no one in their right mind would spend all their income on Rolex Submariners! But, let’s put that aside for a minute and concentrate on the point that is to be made here: when considering the average US income, the Rolex Submariner has become three times less affordable since the 1970’s – and that is tangible, factual proof for a high-end watch gradually becoming a luxury item. In 1970, the average American earner worked 3 weeks to earn the price of a Submariner, while in 2012 the price of one accounts for over two months’ worth of his income. This goes to show that although a fine watch has never been particularly cheap, some very evident repositioning has happened over the course of the last few decades.

Pekne, a najhorsie je, ze ta kvalita v 57 bola MOZNO aj lepsia ( rolexy nemam a nevidel som porovnavanie 57 - 2019) ale dnesny svet je hnusny konzum

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Publikováno Dnes, 08:28

Jakoze v 57 garantovali +2-2 a meli desetiletej servisni interval? A dedukovat hrisny konzum tohodle sveta zrovna podle grafu rolexu? Ale no tak, to jsou zas hlasky tohleto...

...A navic uz dost off topic od tematu vlakna..

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