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De Bethune – DB27 D POLO Edition Digital

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#1 Snow



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Publikováno 30.září.2015 - 07:27

De Bethune – DB27 D POLO Edition Digital


Technical Specifications:

Ref: DB27D DB27 D POLO Edition Digitale

10 piece limited edition



 • Hours – minutes




 • Calibre S233D


 • mechanical self-winding


 • Aperture-type jumping hours 

 • Analogue minutes indicator on a rotating disc

 • Diameter 40 mm – 350 components – hand-crafted finishing and decoration

 • Self-regulating twin barrel*

 • Silicon/white gold balance wheel – balance spring with flat terminal curve*

 • Triple pare-chute shock-absorbing system*

 • Titanium/platinum oscillating weight *

 • Silicon escape wheel *

 • Jewelling: 43 jewels

 • Frequenc: 28,800 vibrations per hour

 • Power reserve: 5 days



 • Black polished hardened steel with extra-hard 5000 Vickers treatment

 • Round shape

 • 43 mmm in diameter – 13 mm thick

Attachments: short black floating lugs* in polished hardened steel with extra-hard 5000 Vickers treatment 


 • sapphire crystal with double anti-reflective treatment, 1800 Vickers

 • Crown: screw-locked at 12 o’clock

 • Back: solid, black in polished hardened steel with extra-hard 5000 Vickers treatment



Hull: black in polished hardened steel with extra-hard 5000 Vickers treatment 

 • Central pink gold medallion hand-engraved with two mallets and inlaid with a polished white gold ball

 • Engraved and circular satin-brushed titanium ring

 • Jumping hours aperture at 12 o’clock, - minutes indicator on a rotating disc



 • Extra-supple alligator leather with pin buckle




De Bethune – DB27 D POLO Edition Digitale NEW To mark its first ever sponsorship of a polo tournament, the De Bethune Princely Polo Cup held in Vaduz on August 29th and 30th, the Manufacture presents a 10-piece limited edition of the DB27. Exclusively developed for the game of polo, the DB27 D Polo edition can withstand the violent impacts it is liable to sustain on the wrist of the rider wearing it.






Digital time display during chukkas.

Traditionally equipped with a protective cover or swivelled over into its housing, the classic polo player’s watch cannot display the time during play without risk of damage. Thanks to its case equipped with an ultra-sturdy outer shell or ‘hull’, together with perfectly integrated and protected apertures, reading off the time during chukkas is now possible with this limited-edition DB27.





The digital jumping hours display and the minutes indicator enable a clear and instant time indication without any actual handling of the watch.


A highly shock-resistant watch In its research work on new procedures and materials,


De Bethune found that the choice of machining hardened steel – a material that has been used for centuries by various civilisations – and of combining its properties (notably including hardness) with those of a carbon-based coating, was a viable and sustainable alternative solution for ensuring a watch’s shock resistance. This vacuum-based treatment with a layer of carbon and hydrogen is generally applied to stainless steel in the watch industry, whereas the blackened polished hardened steel of the DB27 unites the ideal characteristics that considerably enhance the robustness and elasticity of the case – whose extreme hardness results in a degree of resistance verging on that of the diamond.


Calibre S233D from the Manufacture is equipped with De Bethune patented and innovative features, notably including the patented triple pare-chute shock-absorbing system that protects the regulating organ from repeated and violent shocks.


Sophisticated design and comfort.


The 43 mm round case with its 12 o’clock crown leaves comfortable space on the wrist thanks to short floating lugs. These articulated lugs are equipped with a patented spring-based system that enables the watch to adjust to the wrist and to polo players’ movements in order to achieve ultimate comfort and elegance.





In an appealing aesthetic touch, the shimmering overall black polished effect is enlivened by a pink gold medallion hand-engraved with two mallets and inlaid with a hand-polished white gold ball.





The creators of the DB27 D Polo edition, David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet, are thus placing their signature on an exclusive model backed by technical and aesthetic research applied to enhancing the legibility and functionality of the finished object.





zdroj - http://watchesseven....n-digitale.html

i chaos má svůj řád

čas není mým pánem


"Bože, dopřej mi VYROVNANOST, abych přijal to, co nemohu změnit, HOUŽEVNATOST, abych změnil to, co změnit mohu, a hodně ŠTĚSTÍ, abych to moc často nekurvil"  (S.King - Prokletí Salemu)




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Pecka, ale stejně bych bral Zeitwerk od Lange.

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Tak si ho vem a běž !! :D


Tak tohle je podle mne zatím nejlepší kreace de bethune v tomhle pouzdře, protože k němu takřka neoddělitelně pasuje. Báječný, fakt mě to dostalo, s erbem nebo bez ...... jen v tomhle uspořádání dávám přednost římským číslům hodin, ale to je moje osobní preference a tedy nepodstatné, a subjektivní. 

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