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  1. Thank you for your help, I wrote about hands because they have scraps and it doesn't look nice - I bought it with painted hands and after cleaning I found these scraps.
  2. Hi colleagues, I am new to your forum and want to say hello at first. Till the end of the last year I didn't think about watches too much - well I dind't think about them at all, but then I suddenly had heard some discussion about watches and in few days I was done - all this started I felt in love mainly in russian watches but also have one Prim I like much, but I hope I will own more of them in future. The problem with Prim I have is the dial and hands - not in state as I want, I am seeking it from some time but with no success. I am from Poland and do not see this model too often here so I thought that perhaps it is good idea to ask Czech colleagues: perhaps some of you have some spares as I want . The dial pattern as I have is ideal for me but another one fitting this model could be also accepted. I hope we can make some deal. Please find my watch photos - do you know something more about this model - I found in web model TRAKTOR - is it this model, below balance wheel I found marking - 683, I consider it as mark for cal 68.3?: Sorry for not czech language and regards, Zadora
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