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Co máte právě na ruce?

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před 11 hodinami, Josef01 napsal:

Pěkný, netušil jsem že Quartz...

Ne jen Quartz:

Patented two-rotor motor
Dedicated processor, specific functions and low consumption


This electromechanical watch is fitted with a mechanical motion detector visible on the dial at 4h30. After 35 minutes motionless, the watch switches to standby mode in order to save energy and its hands stop turning.

During the standby mode, the microprocessor continues to measure time, but the mechanical elements – gear train, rotors and hands, stop moving. As soon as it is worn again, it automatically sets itself to the correct time; the hands taking the shortest path, whether clockwise or counter-clockwise.

The élégante by F.P.Journe allows time to be stopped and started again, the absolute dream of all watchmakers. Magical!


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