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HELBERG CH6 pre-order


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" We have changed slightly the connection of the bezel to let it sit absolutely tight on the case with nearly no movement up/downwards and sidewards. The bronze bezel got an invisible stainless steel inlay inside for the click mechanism to be as reliable as the SS version."

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My plan was to have send the final invoices already, but due to the positive response after the Playboy article time became very limited.

For all pre-order participants we will create asap the final invoices. As we have got so many pre-orders this process will probably take about 2 weeks to finish. I hope I´m not too optimistic here.
Don´t get nervous when it takes for your invoice longer than for others. Nobody will get lost! icon_smile.gif

We will START shipping End of May accordingly to today´s information. As we have got a huge number of orders for the HELBERG CH6 it´s impossible to ship them in just a few days. We will need also the June to complete the shipment.

Again, please don´t get nervous when you see first reviews or photos from others before you received yours. I will do my best to complete the shipping asap. Please don´t ask for a precise shipping date for your specific watch as I´m unable to estimate such date.

Have a great day



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@ALL: We will see in the next couple of days a short review of the HELBERG CH6 at Oceanictime. And short after that we will see MANY images from your watches here in the WUS.

@ALL: One HELBERG CH6 prototype watch was sent this week to a max. pressure testing in Germany. I have already heard from the result of the prototype watch and I´m sure you will be satisfied as well. Details will be given in the article from OceanicTime.


Že by už?

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