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  1. Yesterday we released a new collection of unusual watches by our other brand - SVALBARD. Details can be found at official website http://svalbard.watch
  2. New collection is already released! Full detail of the new collection can be found on official No-Watch website. Actual photo of the Nigra Turo model:
  3. Copy of historic 24-hour clock (est.1924) on "Nigra Turo" (Cerna věž) tower, located in Klatovy city, Czech. This model will be released in September 2016 in Limited Edition quantity (500 pcs.) and now available for pre-order in official No-Watch store for the special price ($129) with free worldwide shipping: http://www.no-watch.com
  4. Read description of this in instruction manual (available on model description page)
  5. Yes, it's interested model. Good discount from tax-free price is available by personal request.
  6. Hello from Greenwich, UK! My name is Alex and I'm a General Manager of No-Watch UK company. We are a british wrist watch brand "No-Watch". Since 2013 we have been producing unusual single-handed, 24-hour and backward watches. All our watches are Limited Edition (500-750 pcs.) and are fake-protected. Please visit our official website for details - http://www.no-watch.co.uk Special (RPT members) discounts is available by personal request. Any questions about our watches are welcome!
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