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    The best advice I have ever been given is......Never eat yellow snow!!!

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  1. Sin city......interesting photography........a very dark and atmospheric film
  2. Dong Do vietnamese jidlo. Sapa. Praha....so good! light,delicious. Fresh crab soup....
  3. No quartz ,leather,bigger face 40/42 ,round.,.......I have just clicked that i have posted this in the wrong place...this shouldnt be on the Prim board. i know she likes Chopard...
  4. She needs to be pointed in the right direction, I think
  5. Someone I know would like to buy a special watch for his 20 year old daughter for getting a place at law faculty.The budget is around 60,000 Crowns. Any ideas what would be a good idea,please? Thank you in advance Micky
  6. People get a lot of needless emails because they are so easy to write and send. When we sent letters, people only did so when it was really important to communicate. People are copied in emails and have to spend time reading through text which has nothing or little to do with them. Also because people do not know how to write good emails there are often too many words. I have calculated that the average person is about 20 minutes per day less productive due to reading and writing bad emails.....For the average company that is a lot of lost worktime. We live in an age where we email everyone, but we have never learnt how to do it.
  7. Some of my clients get 40 emails daily........Go away for 2 weeks and..... When a company says to its staff and customers .....No emails during holiday time , it is respecting and protecting their employees and saying....Work hard when you are here, but you need and deserve a rest....this will mean you will be more productive when are are at work . Companies from other countries are more social to their people than here....it is a pity! A French company here and one in France are very different.....in general Czech people work better l and get a worse deal from my experience.
  8. I think this is a bit different. It is the employer officially looking after their people,which is refreshingly nice. I know a company where people are expected to do an hour extra each day.......in the words of the boss ,to show that they are busy...... Village capitalism, in my opinion Another company where they are not allowed to stay longer in the office. The road most companies are going down, of squeezing their people of every drop of juice is the road to hell.
  9. The day that my Czech is good enough to post something, I will be so old I will not remember what I want to write about!!
  10. Daimler Germany has a policy of cancelling all employee emails received during holiday time. Employees are expected to work hard , but to take quality holiday time... What do you think? This is an attempt at getting some comments......or I will give up posting..... Micky
  11. Good morning those who know more than I do.... . I would like to buy some 20mm quality Nato straps, both nylon and leather. Does anyone know where in this country,please? Best wishes Micky
  12. Greetings from sunny Strakonice, do you have a watch you wear in all situations?........I ask the question as I would like to buy one.......I can not decide.....a renovated Sport 1 ?, a tool watch maybe? What do you think,please? Best wishes Micky
  13. ....Back to the future....
  14. The UN is the United Nations ....without the definate article it is the shortform for the watchmaking house.
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