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  1. Hi, does anybody knows, which watches are used today from the czech airforce? Thx for your answers. Seba
  2. Hi, here is a wristshot with the new strap. Thanks to Karlos for his help. Merry Christmas Seba
  3. Thx for your help! I can´t post in the Koupím-forum, so excuse me for posting here. I´m looking for buy the strap from upstairs. If you have one and you are interested, so please send me a message. Best regards, Seba
  4. Thank you for your help. Are such straps actually produced by prim or available as NOS in czech? And when, where they are available? Kind regards, Seba
  5. Good evening, i collecting military watches for sometimes and found last week at a car boot sale a Prim aviation watch like this: http://forum.chronomag.cz/index.php?showto...%C4%82%E2%80%B0 . Can someone explain me, which watch strap was original used for this watch? Many thanks for your help. Seba
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