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  1. G'Day! To conclude. Unfortunately, there were no luck in finding similar balance staff, thus I had to resort to turning a new one from scratch. The watch with the prim 684 movement is now working as it did when it was new. Cheers Dushan
  2. G'Day! I have once again closely examined balance of the 684 movement, and have noticed that the balance staff is friction fit. Thus I removed the balance spring, roller and the balance staff with a broken upper pivot. Next thing was to measure the staff as accurately as possible. To measure it I used the JKA bench dial micrometer and my Srb a Štys measuring microscope. The results of the measurement are given below in a drawing of the balance staff in hundredths of a millimetre. Unless I can find a similar staff which can be modified to suit I shall have to turn a new one from scratch. Cheers Dushan
  3. G'Day ! Well, I have a question, it is regarding the PRIM cal 684 (? 68.4 not quite sure, as the marking on the movement is not quite clear). Namely, I need information about the balance staff, either the replacement equivalent from Ronda or the actual sizes so that I can find an equivalent or if none then to turn a new one. The staff is shockproof KIF S. Thanks in advance! Cheers Dushan
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