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Discussion about Unity watches


UNITY is a watchmaking company located in Barcelona that began its activity in 2010. Formed by a team with a great passion for watches, they bet on a high quality product, unique watches, hence the origin of the brand "1/1". As well, they decided to offer their watches exclusively through the web, thus allowing very competitive prices.


UNITY is aimed at the male clients; design and continuous innovation are its standards, so its series are limited and numbered; once the units are sold out, the series is finished. The first series was "Jules Verne", a bronze watch that marked the entrance of UNITY in the watch market.



The series "JULES VERNE" has been followed by others such as: "Pure Titanium", "Mare Nostrum" or "Beagle":






The customization has been, from the beginning, the flagship of UNITY, allowing the configuration of the clock through the configurator of the web: configurator



Personalization and exclusivity that Unity has extended to specific requests and customer orders, for example:




UNITY also participates in several projects, the last with the Special Watches RE forum, manufacturing the "GALERNA" at the request of the forum members.




UNITY currently has clients all over the world, the sale through the web favors it. A compact community has been created, and the feed back among all UNITY members is what has driven the new "DIVER", the latest UNITY model, with 300 units.





We encourage you to visit their website: www.unitywatches.com

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