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8 let vývoje, 57 komplikací, 31 ručiček...



One-of-a-kind custom-made piece

Hallmark of Geneva certified

Fifty-seven complications including four types of calendar


Caliber 3750

Energy: Manually-wound

Diameter: 72 mm

Thickness: 36 mm

Number of components: Over 2,800

Number of jewels: 242

Frequency: 2.5Hz / 18,000 vibrations per hour

Power Reserve: 60 hours

Number of complications: 57


Reference: 57260/000G-B046

Material: White gold

Diameter: 98 mm

Thickness: 50.55 mm



1.Hours, minutes, seconds, average solar time (regulator)

2.Three-shaft tourbillon

3.Tourbillon regulator with spherical balance spring

4.12-hour time zone, second hours and minutes time zone

5.24 city display for each time zone

6.Day/night indication for 12-hour time zone

7.Gregorian perpetual calendar

8.Gregorian day name

9.Gregorian month name

10.Gregorian retrograde date

11.Leap year and four-year cycle display

12.Number of the day of the week (ISO 8601 calendar)

13.Week to view (ISO 8601 calendar)

14.Hebrew perpetual calendar and 19-year cycle

15.Hebrew day number

16.Hebrew month name

17.Hebrew date

18.Hebrew secular calendar

19.Hebrew century, decade and year

20.Age of Hebrew year (12 or 13 months)

21.Golden number (19 years)

22.Seasons, equinoxes, solstices and signs of the zodiac indicated by the hand on the sun

23.Star chart (for the owner's city)

24.Sidereal time hours

25.Sidereal time minutes

26.Equation of time

27.Sunrise times (for the owner's city)

28.Sunset times (for the owner's city)

29.Length of day (for the owner's city)

30.Length of night (for the owner's city)

31.Moon phases and age (one correction every 1,027 years) 1 religious calendar function

32.Date of Yom Kippur 4 Three column wheel chronograph functions

33.Retrograde seconds chronograph (one column wheel)

34.Retrograde split-seconds chronograph (one column wheel)

35.Hours counter (one column wheel)

36.Minutes counter

37.Alarm with its own gong and gradual striking

38.Alarm strike/silence indicator

39.Choice of normal alarm or carillon striking alarm indicator

40.Alarm mechanism coupled to the carillon striking mechanism

41.Alarm striking with choice of grande or petite sonnerie

42.Alarm power-reserve indication

43.System to disengage the striking mechanism when alarm barrel fully unwound

44.Carillon Westminster chiming with 5 gongs and 5 hammers

45.Grande sonnerie passing strike

46.Petite sonnerie passing strike

47.Minute repeating

48.Night silence feature (10 p.m. to 8 a.m.)

49.System to disengage the striking barrel when fully wound

50.Indication for grande or petite sonnerie modes

51.Indication for silence/striking/night modes

52.Movement power reserve indicator

53.Power-reserve indication for the striking train

54.Winding crown position indicator

55.Dual barrel winding system

56.Time setting in two positions and two directions

57.Secret mechanism (opening of the button for alarm arbor)

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Píšou tam, že vše bylo na objednávku zákazníka a některé komplikace jsou přizpůsobené pro město kde žije. Takže do muzea asi nepůjdou. Nikde nezveřejnili cenu, ale odhady jsou 5-10 mil. $....

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