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Dnes mi Feedly nabídl článek "EUREKA! Hamilton Releases the Long-Awaited Khaki Field ?Murph? Watch as Seen in Christopher Nolan?s Interstellar" na Worn&Round, nicméně odkaz mě hodí na neexistující stránku. Níže tedy přeposílám text článku a nějaké fotky, které tam byly (Feedly automaticky načítá články a obrázky, takže ikdyž stránka už dnes neexistuje, tak to článek stáhlo).


In 2014, Christopher Nolan?s space-and-time-faring blockbuster Interstellar hit theaters. The film tells the the story of humanity under threat, with the Earth, ravaged by drought and famine brought on by climate change, no longer being able to sustain human life. Searching for a way to save humanity, a team of explorers led by Matthew McConaughey?s Joseph Cooper set out to explore a wormhole in the search of a new planet. Before he departs on his mission, Cooper gives his daughter, Murph, his wristwatch as a keepsake, knowing that even in a best case scenario it would be decades before he?d be able see her again. He tells her to use it to track their relative time. Without getting too into the weeds of the plot, I?ll just say that that watch eventually plays a critical role in the film. 


Still from Interstellar.

Hamilton has a long and storied connection to Hollywood, with Hamilton watches having appeared in over 450 films throughout the years. The first-ever appearance of a Hamilton watch on screen was in the 1932 film, Shanghai Express, and in 1951, for the sake of historical accuracy, Hamilton was chosen as the watch for the hit film, TheFrogmen.

For Interstellar, Hamilton teamed up with the production team to provide watches for a number of the film?s characters, among them Cooper and Murph (played both by Jessica Chastain and Mackenzie Foy) and Cooper. The watch worn by the latter, the one given to Murph by Cooper, became known by fans of the film as the ?Murph? watch. It was built from elements of existing watches in Hamilton?s Khaki lineup, and initially there were no plans to release a version of this watch out to the public. 

Still, fans remained hopeful. A few years back, Hamilton displayed the Murph watch prototype at Baselworld, and we snapped a photo of it and threw it up on Instagram. The reaction was, to put it mildly, enthusiastic, though at the time there were no plans to make that watch available to the public. Well, that?s about the change.

Last week, we met up with Hamilton to check out some of their 2019 novelties, and among the many SKUs my eye was immediately drawn to a familiar watch; it was the Murph in the metal?introducing the Hamilton Khaki Field ?Murph? watch. 
The watch measures 42 millimeters across, features a matte black dial with beige Super-LumiNova, and is powerered by Hamilton H-10 80-hour caliber. It features a sapphire crystal up top, and the case is rated to 10 bar. According to Hamilton?s team, it is aesthetically an exact replica of the watch worn in the film.


The only minor difference is found on the second hand. The word ?Eureka? is printed in lacquer in Morse code on the second hand. It?s a subtle nod to the film and one that?s nearly unnoticeable at a quick glance, but it;s also one that will surely appeal to fans of the film. For context, check out the clip below.

Hamilton worked with the film?s award-winning production designer, Nathan Crowley, to develop a special box inspired by the tesseract in the film. The Khaki Field Murph with the special packaging is a limited edition of 2,555 pieces. Otherwise, the watch itself is not a limited edition and will be a regular piece in Hamilton?s catalog.








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Jaj předobjednávky na HODINKEE. Velikost pro mne OK. Myslíte, že koupit nyní se oplatí, jaký bude vývoj ceny? Na Interstellaru docela ulítávám, ale popravdě mne nějak zásadně design nenadchl... To spíš asi ty pilotky na tahu. I když to plynutí v časoprostoru a myšlenky z filmu budou u nich vždy na mysl vyplouvající :)


Edit: tak vyřešeno: ?Sold out? čili vyprodáno...

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Ty se povedly, ale strašná škoda velikosti. Kdyby je nechali v 40 mm, tak mají bestseller a já hned předobjednávám. S takovým velkým ciferníkem a lug to lug tipuju přes padesát to bude jen pro velký pazoury...

Souhlas, klasické Field Auto 42 mají lug to lug 53mm.



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Myslím, že sa podarili. Cena je tak o 30 percent prestrelená a rozmer ma tiež nenadchol. Najviac ma však mrzí prerobená ETA na H kaliber. Neviem si dobre predstaviť ako na takom veľkom ciferníku bude vyzerať pohyb sekundovky. Nakoniec s ňou bude šklbať ako vo filme :-)

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No do prd...


Ahojte som tu nový, keď bude času tak sa pojdem predstaviť do vlákna kam treba, ale toto je jak naschvál, už ked som sa pevne rozhodol nad kúpou pilotiek k tridsiatke tak spravia toto...


Odoslané z H4113 pomocou Tapatalku

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Dostanou se vubec do bezny AD distribuce? Taky bych radsi mensi pouzdro, to ale nic nemeni na tom ze tohle je pro me klasicky shut up and take my money akvizice..



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