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Krásné monopushery už jsou venku, ale jelikož jsem byl pryč, tak sem přidávám až teď :) Za mě super, jak modré, tak bílé vypadají skvěle, jen jsem doufal v mírnější cenu. S posledními kousky to vypadalo, že se Alpiny rovnají tam, kam zhruba zapadají, ale tyto jsou opět výš a to o dost.



Alpina unveils the first chronograph from its Startimer Pilot Heritage collection

Alpina?s aeronautically-inspired Startimer collection offers aviation enthusiasts timepieces that correspond with the discipline?s demanding standards: robust, legible and practical with resolutely contemporary aesthetics.

This iconic Alpina family is now embarking on a new chapter. Drawing on the brand?s history, for the first time the Startimer Pilot Heritage has been fitted with a single-pushpiece chronograph based on a movement designed by La Joux-Perret.




Continuing the adventure

Until now, the Startimer Pilot Heritage was a model particularly appreciated by keen travellers given its date and second time zone. Available in four versions in blue, grey and bronze, the piece is characterised by its unique case within the Startimer collection, a clever compromise between a cushion-shaped case and the famous ?Bullhead? shape, a design that ranks among the finest motorsport pieces.



Returning to the brand?s roots

The new Startimer Pilot Heritage Chronograph is returning to the essence of the sports watch invented by Alpina in 1883. The Startimer Pilot Heritage?s iconic case is solely fitted with a chronograph, the ultimate complication for all lovers of high-precision mechanical sports pieces.

This bicompax chronograph measures short time intervals (30 minutes) thanks to the AL-727 calibre, which oscillates at a high frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vib/h) to ensure accuracy and shock-resistance, two cornerstones of the Alpina spirit. This new Startimer movement also offers a 55-hour power reserve: almost 45% more than its predecessor. Last but not least, in the purest historical chronograph tradition, it has a single pushpiece, just like the first Alpina sport chronographs almost a century ago.




One piece, two counters, three colours

The new Startimer Pilot Heritage Chronograph is currently available in three versions: pale grey and anthracite for an understated modern spirit, blue and grey for a young and dynamic look, and blue and grey with red hands for a sporty, racing style.

Each variation offers the same standard of Alpina?s beloved fine Swiss watchmaking finishes, with a case that is polished (on the sides) and satin-finished (on top), circular guilloché counters for improved light diffusion, hour and minute hands featuring Super-LumiNova for visibility in all light conditions, and a screw-down crown and case back for guaranteed water resistance up to 100 metres. This powerful heritage piece is thoroughly in tune with its time. For collectors, this is the first single-pushpiece chronograph developed for the Startimer Pilot Heritage collection.




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Ti, kteří si stěžovali, že Alpiner 4 jsou moc velké, tak už mají možnost i menších, bohužel však pouze v quartzu. Ty modré jsou i docela líbivé a na ruce bude 42 mm vážně super, škoda toho quartzu a za mě škoda i recyklovaných ruček z jedněch starých Startimerů, protože k tomuto to moc nejde. Holt je vidět, jak se dost šetří.



Alpina enhances its Alpiner Quartz with the GMT function



The existing range, launched in 2019, has been updated to include three new models, each featuring a GMT function in the form of a central hand alongside the hour, minutes, seconds and date displays. With two choices of dial colour and bracelet, the Alpiner Quartz GMT is available to purchase from 895 euros.


An established pedigree

In 1933, exactly 50 years after Alpina was founded, the fledgling Swiss company launched its now legendary design, the ?Block Uhr?. With its anti-magnetic, anti-shock and water-resistant qualities and stainless steel case, it was more than a simple watch. Indeed, it established the basic principles of the sports watch. The Alpina 4 collection, created in 1938, incorporated elements that are now globally recognised, some 80 years on, as the essential features of an ?outdoor? watch.

Alpiner Quartz GMT, the heir apparent

The latest Alpiner Quartz GMT follows in the footsteps of its sporting predecessors. Its quartz technology gives it almost 4 years of precision time-keeping and also ensures that Alpina?s authentic Swiss-made timepieces are highly affordable without sacrificing the technology or finishes for which the brand is famous. Prices start at 895 euros.

The introduction of these three new models with GMT function further enhances the value of the Alpiner Quartz collection. Moreover, it allows travel enthusiasts to keep a close eye on the time at home; essential when contacting friends and family, arranging meetings across different time zones or simply readjusting your biological clock at the end of a long journey.




Rugged and handsome!

Like all authentic sports watches, the new Alpiner Quartz GMT has a firm focus on legibility and performance. The large central red pointer keeps track of the domestic time by means of the 24-hour increments engraved on the bezel. The pointer can be moved forwards or backwards, allowing you to adjust to local time in just a few seconds.

The Alpiner Quartz GMT?s colour-coded bezel provides a simple and intuitive way to distinguish between day and night, removing the need for a separate day/night display which would impair the clean lines of the dial.

The date display has also moved from 6 o?clock to 3 o?clock, thus ensuring that the Alpiner Quartz GMT retains the aesthetic balance and legibility of its predecessors. By tweaking these elements, the dial now has space for the Alpiner Quartz GMT?s 100-metre water resistance guarantee, a feature which makes the watch ideally suited to nautical and marine activities.

In respect of the casing, the new Alpiner Quartz GMT upholds the Swiss-made quality that has been synonymous with Alpina for more than 135 years. The elegant 42-mm stainless steel case is available in a satin or polished finish with a bevelled body, screw-retained crown, sapphire crystal and a full back engraved with a depiction of the Alps, recalling the company?s origins. There are two different dial options: anthracite grey (with steel bracelet) or navy blue (with perforated leather strap or steel bracelet).

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Tak tu máme pár novinek a nutno říct, pěkných novinek. Heritage pilotky v novém podání, které se podle mě povedlo a poté ještě klasické pilotky nově i v provedení 40 mm. Očividně ne všechny značky jdou jen cestou zvětšování.



Alpina has been dedicated to pilots for over 50 years. As an official supplier to various air forces, it has specialised in meeting the requirements of pilots at work by delivering steadfast resistance, unfailing precision and perfect readability. For fans of air travel comes the new limited edition Startimer Pilot Heritage Automatic with a new design and a new case, in addition to its famous "hunter caseback". A rare piece for collectors of great pilot watches.



The Startimer Pilot Heritage is well-known among collectors. In 2015, Alpina paid glorious tribute to the heroes of aviation with its cult manual winding 50 mm Startimer Pilot Heritage watch, limited to 1,883 pieces. It came complete with a "hallmark case back", an historic hinged case back that opened with a click to reveal the Swiss Made mechanics of the calibre inside.


A tribute to the 21st century

Building on this wonderful momentum, Alpina can now unveil the Startimer Pilot Heritage Automatic in an ultra-resistant 44 mm steel case. Thanks to this new limited edition of 1,883 pieces, Alpina is returning to the origins of large diameter pilot watches. Presented against matte black, the hours and minutes stretch out in luminescent beige, carefully chosen to replicate the shade that was used on vintage dials. Large hand-polished steel hands in the same luminescent shade hover over a 24-hour counter designed with long-haul flight in mind.

The devil is in the detail

Collectors are bound to appreciate the vintage touches that reveal just how much care Alpina took in drawing on vintage watches. Firstly, the "Alpina" logo features in the original font used by the Geneva-based brand founded in 1883. Then, there is the legendary Alpina triangle, symbolic of the Swiss peaks. Located at 12 o’clock, it helps differentiate between "II" and "I", 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock respectively, during flights. The watch is also distinguished by the red counterbalance on the large seconds hand, hovering over the date display at 3 o’clock.

As for the case, the "hallmark case back" makes its big return. Decorated with a delicate perlage pattern, it reveals the sapphire crystal through which the Swiss Made AL-525 movement can be seen, a high frequency calibre oscillating at 28,800 beats per hour.


The brand has also revived the grooved design for the crown at 3 o’clock, making it easier to grip, even when wearing gloves. Finally, the brown calfskin strap is embellished with topstitching in the same vintage beige as the hands. As the watch develops a patina over the years, each piece takes on a life unique to its owner.



Beautiful and functional? It’s a difficult balance to strike. You have to combine emotion and reason, subjectivity and objectivity, luxury and functionality. It’s a fine line that Alpina has long managed to maintain. Its Startimer collection, devoted to aviation, is not only one of the most popular with pilots, but the one that has proved the most successful for the Brand. A rare middle ground appealing to professional pilots, enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The Startimer Pilot Automatic model, which belongs to this flagship Alpina collection, now comes in a new 40 mm diameter version, already on sale in five readily available references.

Beautiful, functional... and universal

Vintage-inspired, camouflage, stylish stopwatch or three-hand, the Startimer collection has long made its mark on Alpina. It has become a pillar for the Brand, a customer favourite for many years.

Identified by a 44 mm rose gold-plated or PVD coated steel case within which features a date counter and three hands, the Startimer Pilot Automatic range has now had its characteristic features replicated in a new 40 mm diameter watch. Being more restrained, the latter opens up new prospects for the Startimer collection and will look perfectly appropriate for a professional environment, under the sleeve of a suit. Being more contemporary, it can also be worn 'urban style', looking youthful and dynamic when teamed with a simple shirt or t-shirt.

Being more universal, it has also become unisex; many women already wear 40 mm watches every day, a diameter long adopted by men, but which now benefits them both. Traditionally, the 39 mm and 40 mm diameters were preferred by collectors and historic manufacturing companies (especially in Geneva), who thought them the most tasteful, restrained and timeless over the centuries. Alpina, founded in Geneva in 1883, is no exception.


Five new models within the collection

For these new 40 mm models, Alpina has preserved the essence of the Startimer Pilot Automatic range: open dials with large luminescent hands for telling the time at night, a date display at 3 o’clock and a long seconds-hand sweeping over a timer with index markers every 5 minutes.

In addition, fans of the Startimer Pilot Automatic won't fail to notice what makes this model unique. Index hour markers at 12 and 6 o’clock have been replaced by luminescent horizontal indexes that are easier to distinguish, especially when flying at night, with "II" and "I" referring to 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock respectively. Midday always features the vertical red triangle, the Brand’s Alpine symbol, which can also be found at the end of the seconds hand. Finally, the screw-down crown at 3 o’clock has kept its delicate ridges for improved grip.

As for the movement, Alpina remains faithful to its mechanical self-winding AL-525 calibre, which promises a power reserve of 38 hours, protected by a steel case-back engraved with Alpine peaks and offering guaranteed water resistance to 100 metres.


A design in tune with the times

In response to demand from the many collectors that have helped make the Startimer Pilot Automatic so successful, the Brand has revived the five iconic designs that forged the legend: a rose gold-plated case with a grey dial and a brown calfskin leather strap, two steel versions with "Navy Blue" or white dial on a black calfskin leather strap, plus one in PVD coated steel on a black calfskin leather strap.

The final design combines a rose gold-plated case with "Navy Blue" dial on a black calfskin leather strap. This model perfectly captures the "aeronautical" spirit of the Startimer, drawing on the "nautical" bronze tones of the on-board fittings and naval blue, here replicated in the "aero" fuselage of the Startimer.

These five new pieces are available now, starting at 895 euros (recommended retail price).



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Mam to stejne. Slava za 40mm pouzdro. Tam jen porad nedavam ty indexy na 3,6,9. Ale treba by to bylo o zvyku (spis ne, sralo by me to).
Ty heritage jsou super (mozna mohly mit kratsi hodinovku), skoda, ze jsou zas 44mm.

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Heritage jsou se 44 mm proti původním absolutně nenositelným 50 mm zlaté :D Navíc já prostě miluju ten původní font, ani nevím proč, ale hrozně se mi líbí, takže když ho někam dají, tak to je něco pro mě. Neříkám, že je mám rázem v hledáčku, do hodinek ala vintage jsem ještě nedorostl a přijdou mi na ruce vždy takové nepatřičné, ať je to cokoliv, ale líbí se mi moc.

Co se týče indexů u klasik, jo je to při nejmenším zvláštní, už u těch 44 jsem nechápal proč...jestli se chtěli odlišit, fakt netuším, ale už jsem si na to asi i zvykl a v reálu mi to až nevadilo, však jsem i bílou verzi chtěl, než mě vítr zavanul úplně jinam :) Na menším ciferníku by to ani nemuselo být až tak okaté, jsem na to zvědavý.

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před 17 hodinami, Bells napsal:

Heritage jsou se 44 mm proti původním absolutně nenositelným 50 mm zlaté :D Navíc já prostě miluju ten původní font, ani nevím proč, ale hrozně se mi líbí, takže když ho někam dají, tak to je něco pro mě. Neříkám, že je mám rázem v hledáčku, do hodinek ala vintage jsem ještě nedorostl a přijdou mi na ruce vždy takové nepatřičné, ať je to cokoliv, ale líbí se mi moc.

Co se týče indexů u klasik, jo je to při nejmenším zvláštní, už u těch 44 jsem nechápal proč...jestli se chtěli odlišit, fakt netuším, ale už jsem si na to asi i zvykl a v reálu mi to až nevadilo, však jsem i bílou verzi chtěl, než mě vítr zavanul úplně jinam :) Na menším ciferníku by to ani nemuselo být až tak okaté, jsem na to zvědavý.

Ty obrovský nenositelný mám.🙂 Velikost mi nevadí, spíš váha. Ty nový asi nemají Unitas.

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V Alpině opět přicházejí s reinkarnací dalšího historického modelu, tentokrát regulátoru. Úplně mi to připomnělo, jak jsem měl před lety v jednu dobu v merku ty původní regulátory, hrozně mě lákalo si zkusit taky něco méně tradičního.


Alpiner Regulator Automatic: the special cult triple display is back

Some amateurs collect only these. Others hold on to them as the gold standard for readability. And others still are nostalgic for an era when they were essential for keeping the railways running on time. The regulator is the stuff of legend in watchmaking. Fifteen years after its first appearance, it’s back in Alpina’s collection. Calling all collectors!

The world’s best display?

The concept for the regulator is based on a very simple observation; telling the time with three central hands is not always easy when the hands regularly overlap. Incidentally, a railway accident in the United States in 1891 led to the generalisation of watches for all station masters – pocket watches that were very often regulators, to avoid any timing errors, the legendary "railroad watches".

This is how an atypical display came into being; the hours, minutes and seconds shown by three hands, each with their own counter. In effect, three dials in one. A truly striking complication.



The successor

Just 15 years ago, Alpina – founded in 1883 and contemporaneous with these events – launched the Avalanche Regulator, already equipped with the AL-650 movement. Its unique dial was embellished with vertical decorations recalling the Alpine slopes. Featuring a handsome case somewhere between cushion-shaped and round, a steel version was produced in 2005, followed by an "Extreme" version in 2006 complete with rose gold plated case and bezel with visible screws – a winning take on the ultimate sporty chic watch.

The Alpiner Regulator Automatic is the successor to these early versions, the latest instalment of an ongoing adventure. The case has been profoundly modified, returning to the perfection of the circle. The dial is adorned with Cotes de Genève, inspired by the original, while the baton index hour markers have been replaced by triangular index hour markers, echoing the Alpina logo that represents the Alpine peaks. To make them easier to read, these have now been marked with luminescent material along their entire length.



Exemplary readability

For Alpina, the aesthetic tone of the new Alpiner Regulator Automatic is unambiguous; even if we generally have an idea what hour of the day it is, this is not the case with minutes. These therefore occupy the central position on the dial, a broad luminescent hand tracing a minuterie engraved from 0 to 60 on a silver flange.

At 10 o’clock, you’ll find the hour dial. There’s no need to for 24 hour markers, as everyone knows if it’s day or night. Finally, the small seconds is located at 6 o’clock, as is customary, instantly enabling anyone to tell the time as usual.

A family of 4 + 1

The new Alpiner Regulator Automatic is embracing modernity as part of its big comeback. The 2020 collection comprises four models, including: two blue dials and two black dials, worn on a brown or black calfskin or steel strap, respectively. For collectors, there is a limited series of 883 pieces with a blue dial on a black calfskin strap with red topstitching to match the hands. Sporty, rare and stylish.




A new signature

The collection's aesthetic signature is the dial, entirely decorated with Côtes de Genève. Traditionally, this decoration was used by watchmakers to adorn movement bridges, not just for decoration, but to reduce reflections and avoid dazzling the watchmaker at work.

This is the same thinking behind the Alpiner Regulator Automatic with its exceptional and traditional watchmaking finish, which is also designed to make the dial clearly readable in all lighting conditions. Even in the absence of light, all three hand-polished hands are filled with luminescent material, so that they can be seen at night. The same goes for all the index markers, arranged at five minute intervals.

For optimum readability, Alpina has opted for a wide 45 mm diameter to reveal as much as possible of the guilloché dial. As for the movement, each piece is powered by an AL-650 automatic calibre with 38-hour power reserve and beats at 28,800 vph – the high frequency further lending itself to the precision of this watch.


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Tohle si tu podle mě zaslouží být, je to pecka, hlavně ty pandy, protože v předchozí generaci sice pandy také byly, ale ne v tomto proveden. Verze s pandou měla takové divné indexy a třeba na mě to nepůsobilo vysloveně jako pilotky, byť ty hodinky byly pěkné. Každopádně toto, pilotky, panda, aplikované indexy, což je taky posun oproti původním, za mě skvělé. Ano sice quartz, ale já vlastnil a měl rád už tu předchozí generaci a s baterkou dokážu žít, takže no problém, respektive problém nastává, asi je budu potřebovat :D Básním sice pouze o pandách (jsou za mě nej), ale hodinky jsou ještě v dalších 2 variantách. Tak a teď už ofiko zpráva z webu:


High-precision trio joins the Startimer Pilot Quartz Chronograph Big Date range

From the very beginning, Alpina has always been the kind of manufacture to build bridges between the traditional and the modern, the luxurious and the affordable, not to mention the air, land and sea. Today, with specific reference to air travel, the brand is introducing three new Startimer Pilot Quartz Chronograph Big Date designs and marking a new phase by adapting two leading complications in fine watchmaking to quartz technology: the chronograph and the large date.



There can only be one must-have; Alpina's iconic Startimer Pilot range is the only one devoted to aviation, the conquest of the skies, its history and its future. Its timepieces are tailored to pilots, offering all that flying requires: resilience, readability and precision.




Through this exercise, the mechanical watch laid the foundations for aviation-related watchmaking, more than a century ago. Many collectors remain very attached to it, but the evolution of watchmaking technology has provided another solution to pilots’ needs... quartz.

Now perfectly integrated into the Startimer Pilot range, it promises unparalleled precision, autonomy that has gone from a few days to a few years, as well as the ability to withstand the most unlikely aerobatics.

Noble complications, quartz precision

The three new Startimer Pilot Quartz Chronograph Big Date watches fall within this framework. Their large 44 mm cases feature a compax chronograph, accompanied by a large date at 6 o’clock. This is a rare complication in fine watchmaking. It enables you to display the date on two separate discs, one for the tens, the other for the units. The technique also allows for wide format windows that make reading the date as easy as can be.

With an autonomy of 4 years (48 months), each of the designs features an engraved case back, large hand-polished hands, luminescent Arabic numerals, 10 ATM (100 metres) of water resistance, a calfskin leather strap, two push buttons and a seconds hand finished with Alpina's signature red triangle, inspired by the brand’s Alpine roots.

One compax, three versions


The first luxurious option features a rose gold-plated case that houses a radiant navy blue dial embellished with three black counters and rose gold plated hands. It comes with a brown calfskin leather strap with off-white topstitching.

The other two affordable editions feature steel cases. The first has a clandestine feel inspired by night flying and features a midnight blue dial with black counters, emphasised by a complementary black calfskin leather strap with off-white topstitching. Setting the second steel version apart are three silver snailed counters that really stand out against the deep navy blue dial for improved readability.


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Dle mého názoru vylepšené Seastrong Heritage 300m. To datum bylo na předešlém modelu na poměrně diskutabilním místě. Tohle je mnohem čistší, absence data mi nevadí. Ten font písma "Alpina" se mi taky moc líbí, včetně barevné kombinace číselníku a indexů. Za mě velmi povedené!


OceanicTime: ALPINA Seastrong Diver 300 HERITAGE [not in name alone]

ALPINA Seastrong Diver 300 HERITAGE Automatic 01.jpg

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